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Are you interested in working in a warehouse, production line or greenhouse?

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WorkToday has a wide selection of permanent and seasonal jobs, with and without need for English language skills. Long story short…

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Quick job in the Netherlands?

It is possible with us. Learn about the stages of recruitment at WorkToday.

Fill out the Facebook recruitment form

Fill out the Facebook recruitment form for the job you want, or the general form so we can find you a job. Try to provide all information to improve the recruitment process.

Contact your recruiter

After completing the form, the recruiter will contact you no later than within one business day. After the interview, we will email you the jobs we have selected for you and then we will talk about employment details.

Send documents

After accepting the work conditions and setting the departure date, we start to prepare the documents necessary to start work. Then, signing a work referral agreement for the Dutch employer.


Go to work in the Netherlands

After signing the contract, you can start packing ? If you need any guidance with transport to the workplace, we are happy to help you.

– recommended employment agency

We consider candidates and selecting the appropriate offer as our top priority! Thanks to that we have thousands of satisfied employees.
Thousands of employees, equals thousands of different stories and needs. We take the individual approach to each of them and strive to provide appropriate working conditions and accommodations. We make sure that the apartments are comfortable and as close to work as possible.

Your reliable recruitment partner

Trained and experienced staff, they are committed to provide the employer with the right fit.
With each candidate we conduct several interviews (getting to know competencies, personality). The purpose of this tactic is to recruit honest employees and verify the authenticity of the information in CV.

Frequently asked questions

Who will be my contact person after arriving at the workplace?

Upon arrival, you will be contacted with a Polish-speaking coordinator. He or she will help you with the paperwork, introduce you to your employer, and assist you with any difficulties. You will receive the coordinator’s phone number from us once the offer is accepted.

What are the working hours?

The average working hours are 7-8 hours per day. Almost every offer gives the possibility of overtime or working on Saturdays. You will be assigned a HR planner with whom you can work out your schedule on an ongoing basis.

What are the accommodations?

The type of accommodation depends on the job offer. The most often there are rooms for 2 in hotels or small houses for 6 people. Internet, refrigerator, washing machine and stove are provided in all locations.

Can couple go together? Can we get shared accommodation?

Yes, we have many job offers in the Netherlands for couples.
In such offers, the couple gets shared accommodation and work in the same plant.
However, we cannot promise a job in the same department.

A reliable agency!

Work in the Netherlands was in line with what I was informed about by the recruiter. After finishing the project, I was able to move on to the next project, what was also taken care of by the office in Poland.
I recommend it.


I wholeheartedly recommend worktoday. The apartment was nice, the access to work ensured, money also always on time. I think that this is one of the few agencies in Opole with which I would go again. Regards


I went with Work Today because I heard that they had agreements with good agencies in NL. And that is true, this is my 3rd trip (AH, XPO, now Flextronics). Everything was fine, obviously – a location wasn’t very special. But I don’t think there are a lot of special locations anywhere to be found… I recommend it with hand on heart


I needed a job immediately. I filled out the form on the website and the next day I was contacted by the recruiter. After a week, I was already working at Ingram. I’m happy because they said about nice apartments and they were actually okay.
There’s nothing to complain about. I recommend it.


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